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Leslie Ann Butler and Huey

In the fall of 2016, a group of Portland, Oregon friends, family, and neighbors came together to form We Love Our Pets community. Promoting and enhancing the human-animal bond of love is what we are all about. Together we can build a place where pet passionate people find community and connect with others to make the world a furry friendly place.

We Love Our Pets started with a network of creative collaboration partners, sourced from talent both locally here in the Pacific Northwest, across the country, and around the globe. While our experiences are as diverse as the pets who brought us here today, we are each aligned with a few simple beliefs about the roles that pets play in our lives, and those around us:

Founding Members

  • Donald Erceg and Lucas

    Donald Erceg

    Donald has over 50 years’ experience in corporate brand development, marketing, graphic design, photography, multi-media, writing and public speaking. In 1964 he rebranded then West Coast Airlines into Air West and for the last fifteen years has rebranded over 30 veterinary hospitals under his own brand, Vetmark Inc. A pioneer in high end brand marketing for veterinary hospitals, Donald has presented at numerous veterinary conferences in the United States and Australia stressing the importance of creating a culture of client-centered practices committed to the highest medical standards. To We Love Our Pets Donald brings a passion for trustworthy, science-based pet care information, quality products created with love and detailed craftsmanship, and unexcelled client service.

  • Perry Kenin and Molly

    Perry Kenin

    As a boy, Perry grew up in Portland Oregon. At the age of 12, he was offered the youngest persons one person show at the Contemporary Crafts Gallery within his ceramics discipline

    In 1970 at the age of 16, Perry moved to Great Britain and graduated a 4-year degree in environmental design at an affiliate of the University of Southampton. He has had a lifelong love of ceramic and glass art along with a successful business career.

    Perry Kenin had a 33-year career as founder and Division Vice President of a specialty water chemistry company. The company grew over the years within a larger corporation and as a part owner; the group sold the company in 2012.

    Perry was asked to go with the new owners to manage the division with an agreement from the new owners that all his employees would have like-kind jobs with the new company.

    As of September 7th, 2016, Perry left the company to devote his time to We Love Our Pets. Perry, as one of the two founders of “We Love Our Pets” is looking forward to assisting a brilliant team of dedicated teammates in growing the corporation. The goal is to partake in building the internet’s leading pet lovers community gathering place.

  • Robyn Luchs and Molly

    Robyn Luchs

    Robyn Luchs grew up on a small farm in then, rural Sherwood Oregon, a bedroom community to Portland. The area has since turned into the Pinot Noir country in the Oregon wine industry.

    Robyn began a real estate career at a young age in her early 20’s and since placed 28 years as a real estate professional on the books. Her pride is putting her clients first.

    Robyn began volunteering her time to the Multnomah County Shelter over ten years ago, helping where she could but offering her Fridays as a dog walker and friend to the pups.

    As she saw the population of dogs increasing in the shelters due to backyard breeding, she had an answer. The founding of her 501c3 charity “SNIP” (SNIPNW.ORG) is an acronym for Spay Neuter for Income-Qualified Pets. Low-income families are offered low to no price spay neuter services by SNIP which has served over 2000 low-income families getting their pets Spayed or Neutered. Robyn had the benefit of watching the population in the county shelters drop due to her efforts. She has primarily self-funded this effort and dreams of raising enough money to open a clinic to expand the work.

  • Byron Farquer, DVM

    Byron S. Farquer, DVM, CVA is a Boettcher Scholar, graduated from Fort Lupton High School as Valedictorian and completed his education at Colorado State University graduating with honors in 1991 possessing both a BS and Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Farquer offers insightful advice to clients who are buying or selling practices sharing both practical experience and professional expertise. Dr. Farquer holds veterinary licenses in California, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming, as well as real-estate licensing. He is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), credentialed by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. He frequently lectures at veterinary conferences and as a key opinion leader for various veterinary industry companies.

    Byron is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot who’s been married to his college sweetheart for over 25 years and has two wonderful sons, both pursuing careers in engineering. He’s a true American Cowboy at heart and supportive of western heritage culture. He was raised on a farm in Colorado and currently lives on a small acreage in California, continuing his interest in livestock and agriculture. You’ll commonly find him in boots, and on the weekends they’re often dusty from the rodeo arenas where he watches his two sons compete at the college, and professional levels of rodeo in tie down and team roping events. His participation in We Love Our Pets reflects his life-long love of animals, his respect for the human/animal bond and a strong desire to “give back”.